Our customer's say the nicest things...

"We would highly recommend KetubahTree to anyone looking for a beautiful ketubah and a company that's great to deal with. We ordered the Bashert...Meant to Be design because it really stood out to us as being different than anything else we had seen before. Kari and Shell were great to deal with. Very responsive, and a very quick turnaround on getting the proof done and the final ketubah printed and shipped. They were also great about communicating with our Rabbi to make sure all hebrew was done correctly. Overall, a great company with excellent products." 
Dan and Ilana

"My family and I want to thank you for your kindness you extended to us during the Rita crisis in Houston, Texas. After having to cancel our daughter's wedding due to the almost hit on Houston we were devistated. Many items for the wedding, (such as the ketuba) were wrong as the date had to be changed. When I contacted you to see what the cost of having a new ketuba printed with the new date, you were marvelous and offered to print a new one at no charge. You are in a "for profit business" and when you offered this to us I was amazed. There are good people in the world and you are one of them. You are a true "mench" besides an amazing artist." 
Bonnie Sue Chasnoff

"The Rabbi walked in the room where we were waiting to sign the Ketubah and said "What a Beautiful Ketubah! I never saw one like that before, where did you get it?" 
K. Stern

"Dear Shell and everyone at Ketubah Tree, I wanted to let you know that our Ketubah has arrived and we love it. It is even more beautiful than we expected it to be...your artistry is superb! We can't wait to show it off at the wedding and then display it in our home. We also want to thank you for the outstanding service you provided to us. At a time when there is so much going on, you have really made this part of our wedding planning so easy for us. It was a pleasure to do business with all of you and I highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of a Ketubah." 
Alison and Jonathan

"Jennie and I fell in love with the ketubah the second we saw it online, and I think we just fell in love with it again after seeing it in real life. The colors and design are stunning...this truly is a work of art. We are so privileged to be able to display such a masterpiece at our wedding. Thank you so much for your timeliness in preparing this for us. We could not have imagined a more perfect ketubah buying experience." 
Noah and Jennie

"Your work just blew me away." 

"Absolutely wonderful! The Ketubah looks great! Thank you so much for the fabulous piece of art. It will be a beautiful addition to the walls in our home." 
R. S.

"Your energy is beautiful and I am so happy to have one of your Ketubahs." 


"If only the rest of the wedding industry were like you!" 
J. Sittig

"The Ketubah arrived today and it is stunning...You really do phenomenal work...thank you so much." 
A. Gerard

"The Rabbi says that yours is one of the most beautiful Ketubah's that he has ever read!" 
E. Cox

"Working with you was a cinch!" 

"Shell...your support and service is the best we've received during the whole wedding process. Thank you so much for going beyond the call." 

"We received the Ketubah today and it looks wonderful! Thank you for your excellent job and timeliness. It was a pleasure working with you." 
J. Schwartz

"We received our Ketubah yesterday and it is even more beautiful up close than we imagined. You are clearly a very talented artist. We can't thank you enough for getting a perfect Ketubah to us so quickly and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to all of our friends. You are a pleasure to work with." 
R. Klein, New York

"We came to Michelle with only a little more than a month before our wedding. She didn't waste a moment; she was understanding and accommodating and simply a joy to work with. This was all the more laudable because we had several special requests that she handled with Herculean patience. A smooth, pleasant process from receiving her first warm e-mail response to excitedly slipping the finished product out of its professionally packed mailing tube." 
Marc Tyler Nobleman and Daniela Andreae Nobleman

"We love the Ketubah and we feel so blessed to have worked with you." 
S.and J. Hutchison

"...I received my Ketubah. It is stunningly beautiful. Michelle has created a gorgeous work that we will treasure for a long time." 

"Just a quick note to let you know that the Ketubah arrived in perfect order. It is utterly magnificent, both in art and text. Thank you. We also appreciate the instructions for display, etc. That's very helpful. I cannot think of anything about the ordering or purchasing experience that I would have preferred to have been done differently. That's not a cop out, it's the truth-the experience was particularly good, and I would/will highly recommend your services and talents to anyone who will listen." 
M. Weiner and P.Simon

"Thank you Michelle!!!! The Ketubah is even more gorgeous than we imagined! We love it and Thank you so much for your beautiful work, professionalism, time and care." 
M. and E. Levy

"My husband and I absolutely adore our Ketubah! Once we saw your design, there was no question which Ketubah we wanted...You were a pleasure to work with, and I thank you for creating a beautiful and unique Ketubah that we will enjoy for the rest of our loves." 
D. and E. Ben-Avi

"You were such a pleasure to work with and I can't wait to recommend you. Thanks so much for making it so easy and delightful!" 
A. Petschenik

"We received the Ketubah and it is beautiful! It has been a pleasure working with you! I know it was only a short time, but my fiancé and I found your designs to be very unique and special. He is not Jewish and he was drawn in by your artwork...you were always professional...which is a rarity these days! I really appreciate dealing with someone who cares about each Ketubah and each couple so much! I will recommend anyone I can to your website." 
C. Salin

"Thank you so much!! We received our BEAUTIFUL KETUBAH yesterday. It's absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for all of your help and for the great piece of art!" 
Rachel and Max

"The Ketubah arrived...it is wonderful! We are thrilled with how it turned out and really appreciate the efforts you made in getting it just like we wanted! We will treasure it!" 
B. Fenton

"(The Ketubah) is even more beautiful (in person) than it is online, and we're very excited to have it be part of our wedding...It is a true piece of art that we will continue to enjoy far beyond our wedding ceremony." 
R. Wynn

"We love our Ketubah!...you did such an amazing job on it and we were just blown away by how spectacular it looked! It's now our first piece of real art and we can't wait until we can display it at our wedding." 
H. and A Greenhood

"I am very happy that I waited 3 years to get the "perfect" Ketubah because that is really what I got!" 
D. Katsikas

"Wow!!! We all just love our Ketubah! It is breathtaking! I have greatly enjoyed working with you..." 
C. P.

"You are awesome! We are so excited to see the final Ketubah. Thank you so much for your commitment to the gay, Jewish community too. You have no idea how much we appreciate you." 

"It is beautiful art for which we are excited to use for our Jewish wedding ceremony...we will proudly display our Ketubah and treasure it forever." 

"Thank you so much for your beautiful work. You are an incredible artist and we are so honored to have your Ketubah on our wall...The gift prints for our parents also look fabulous. They were surprised and honored and we are so happy you could incorporate our message with yours." 
Sarah and Adam Dub

"I am the Mother of The Bride...we received the Ketubah and it is beautiful. We are impressed with the artistry and the professionalism you and your staff have shown. It has been a pleasure to have worked with you." 
M. Robinson

"Thank you for your commitment to our gay community and traditional couples as well...This act of Kedushah on your behalf is to be admired and I applaud your efforts and wish you much success..." 
E. Olshansky

"We received out Ketubah and it is beautiful! We love it and you were wonderful to work with! So much of this experience is the process itself and you made it easy, pleasant and enjoyable. Your work is so magnificent and unique and will hang in our home forever! Thank you so much for your imagination, creativity and kindness!" 
Stefanie Kuller

G. Herman