"We love our Ketubah!...You did such an amazing job on it and we were just blown away by how spectacular it looked! It's now our first piece of real art and we can't wait until we can display it at our wedding." H. and A Greenhood

All of Shell's beloved and timeless Ketubah designs that are featured here on our Ketubah Tree website are available for purchase exclusively through Ketubah.com.  We invite you to browse our Ketubah gallery to see our entire collection of  Ketubot as well as Shell's newest Ketubah designs and our Best Sellers.

When ready to purchase, simply click the Ordering Information button located on each detail page of every Ketubah design. That will take you to the Ketubah.com website where you will be able to seamlessly place your order. 

For inquiries about your Ketubah purchase, feel free to contact Ketubah.com directly. They are easy to work with, always professional and highly knowledgable about every step of the process;  You will be in excellent hands!