Interfaith, LGBTQ & Multi-Cultural Weddings 

Double Happiness Washi Paper Ketubah by Michelle Shell  Rummel

Double Happiness Washi Paper Ketubah by Michelle Shell  Rummel

We Value Diversity and we proudly and respectfully work with couples of all faiths and backgrounds.

Through our partnership with we continue the tradition of working closely with all couples in love. 

Non-Jewish clientele

We are often asked if you must be Jewish to have a Ketubah. We love this question, as it shows that the beauty of this traditional ritual object resonates, regardless of religious affiliation, faith or spiritual background. Why not incorporate the concept of this beautiful tradition into your Non-Jewish, Interfaith, multicultural, same sex or secular wedding ceremony and celebration? The majority of our available texts are appropriate for couples of all faiths and backgrounds, including "English only" text options.

Interfaith Weddings, Multi-Cultural Celebrations

Interfaith weddings offer a unique opportunity to blend two different religions, traditions, cultures and families into one. The modern day Ketubah is a wonderful ritual object that can certainly accommodate both religious and /or cultural backgrounds in a beautiful and seamless way. Although the majority of texts are perfectly appropriate for couples of all faiths, we do offer a selection of Interfaith, Secular Humanist, and  "English only" texts. Your wedding ceremony is your chance to create a truly unique moment, one which captures the most important aspects of the tradition(s) which you will be drawing upon in your future life together.

LGBTQ Weddings

Yours is a state of beauty and equality no matter where you live. Honor your love and celebrate your everlasting partnership with a marriage of art and poetic text. We proudly offer a selection of Commitment Text options which celebrate the depth and validity of LGBTQ unions.