Two Rings  Ketubah

Artist: Shell Rummel

Phrase: You and I in joy and happiness without end

Artist Statement: 

One of Shell's most beloved designs, this Ketubah features two entwined wedding rings with striking symbolic imagery. The ring on the right, adorned with landscape imagery and a summer sunflower, is painted in vibrant pinks, corals and yellows, which convey laughter, energy and joy. The ring on the left is painted with blues, greens and lavenders, which convey peacefulness, tranquility and contentment. Lush landscapes, and symbols of love's rewards and blessings flow together beautifully in a never-ending circle. A gently rolling path, mirroring life's journey, wanders amid an evening mountain range and below a twinkling sky. At their intersection, the circles share two trees representing Bride and Groom. Each tree is adorned with one half of a shared mosaic heart, and one life mate dove. The phrase, "You and I . . . in joy and happiness without end" in English and Hebrew is a fitting sentiment for this beautifully painted Ketubah. 

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