Tree of Life Ketubah

Artist: Shell Rummel

Phrase: To Life! Its Every Gift Shared Between Us

Artist Statement

This deeply symbolic design, in a vibrant mosaic motif, is as meaningful as it is beautiful. The Tree of Life Ketubah celebrates the myriad milestones of marriage and the shared journey of life. The deep roots, solid foundation and building blocks of friendship gracefully flow into bountiful blessings represented by flowers and fruit. Two intertwined gold rings represent the giving and receiving of rings in the wedding ceremony and symbolize affection, companionship and peace. Imagery from "Song of Songs" includes water which nourishes the soul, mountain ranges, lifemate doves, and images of night and day. From the wedding rings, two candles rise and entwine, enveloping a heart filled with vividly hued generational circles. Encompassing all things beautiful, the Tree of Life Ketubah is a celebration of joy, life and love. 

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