Life's Tiles Mosaic Ketubah

Artist: Shell Rummel

Phrase: I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine

Artist Statement:

The varied symbols of love and life provide an exquisite decorative tile frame to our original Life'sTiles Mosaic Ketubah. The Tree Core, with its strong trunk and base, confirms the solid foundation and strength upon which a lasting love succeeds. The Leaf Canopy reflects the shelter and protection only a soulmate can provide. The Generation Circles remind of the continuity of life that is assured from lasting love. The Sunflower is a strong beauty. The fluid Landscape promises a long beautiful journey, and all of the surprises and milestones guaranteed from paths taken together. Champagne Bubbles and the Two Rings demand a celebration worthy of a lifetime commitment. The Stained Glass Mosaic intertwines swirling hearts with a colorful Star of David. The Stepping Stones, one by one, become the path we build with each kindness bestowed upon each other. The Grapes provide our blessings and keep us connected with the earth, our faith and its traditions. The Fish And Water promise renewal, change and a fruitful union. The Celebration Confetti provides our laughter and Mazel Tov and a symbol for commitment and love, two beautiful Life Mate doves. 

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