In Our Dreams Ketubah

Artist: Shell Rummel

Phrase: In our dreams, day and night, we surrender to love and freefall

Artist Statement: 

In the fall of 2009, I began a personal journey of exploration with my art. Although Watercolors are my first love, I wanted to experiment with different mediums and painting/creating styles. At the suggestion of some very accomplished artist friends/colleagues, I purchased a set of Indian Ink artist pens and began a series of line drawings based on expressing my dreams, visions, feelings and emotions. This new medium felt surprisingly natural to me and soon enough, I was incorporating touches of watercolor to the designs. It was a perfect fit, both aesthetically and personally. The result is rich, sophisticated compositions; visually intricate illustrative designs that are enhanced and softened by the soft wash of watercolor used as an accent within the lines. The collection has been praised and well received within the art communities that I am a part of. I feel alive and exhilarated as I continue to grow as an artist and I am thrilled to share my latest passion with you. I hope you love these Ink and Watercolor Ketubot as much as I do.

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