Hamsa Ketubah

Artist: Shell Rummel

Phrase: I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine

Artist Statement: I have wanted to paint a Hamsa Ketubah design for some time. Clients often ask for this ancient design, and I like to take their ideas and use that as inspiration. Typically, the Hamsa design, a symbol of the hand with five fingers (some say the fingers represent the five books of Torah) was worn as an amulet for protection. My Hamsa Ketubah takes its design cues from Song of Songs and features some of my most popular symbolic biblical imagery; 

Flowing landscapes represent your journeys, past, present and future. Generational circles represent family. Butterflies represent individual freedom. Fish and water elements represent fertility blessings and life. The whimsical flowers represent joyful celebrations. Trees represent strength and wisdom and the seasons of your life.

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