Fulfillment Gold Leaf  Ketubah

Artist: Shell Rummel

Phrase: A lifetime together, love fulfilled

Artist Statement: 

New !! This ketubah design features striking hand-applied 23 karat gold leaf accents. The enhanced design is subtle and elegant! 

A Lifetime Together, Love Fulfilled When you realize that, together, You have "it" - Love, safety and laughter; You have a lifetime, You have each other, You have Fulfillment. While Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" is a popular subject for Ketubot (and posters and coffee mugs and mouse pads, etc.), we find greater inspiration, and relevance, in another Klimt masterpiece, "Fulfillment". Presented in three extraordinary hand-painted color combinations, this beautiful series embodies the partnership, passion and security enjoyed by those who seek, and achieve, the ultimate reward- Fulfillment.

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